Biography of our Princess

Princess and John
Princess and John
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Princess and John

Princess began her life in Queensland before she came to be with us (John and Janet Brumby) in Rutherglen Victoria Australia.

Princess had her eyes on the cream bun that the photographer was eating at the time this picture was taken.
Princess was about 2 years old when she came to live with us, now she is about 9 years old.

She soon had 4 puppies when Sam (now passed on age 18) a Whippet got to her.
There was Big Boy, Pip Fifty, Porche and Grace born to her.

Whippet Pups
Princess had only 4 pups but they were like the ones in this photo.

So when Big Boy, PipFifty, Porche and Grace the puppies were old enough 2 went to the owners of Sam and 2 went to live on a farm to be fox catching dogs.

Princess is a beautiful tempered Whippet - cross who loves people but not so sure about cats.

She had to go to the vets to have a low grade cancer removed from her paw just over a year ago, they fell in love with her and let her wander round the place, they missed her when she did not need to go back again.

We may have some more photos to show later that appently were taken.

Princess is a good watch dog and always lets us know if somebody is around.

She loves to play games with any bones with us trying to get us to get them from her then through them so that she can get them again.

We shall miss her a lot when it comes to her time to pass on.

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