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Moving in the power of the supernatural


There is more than ever today for believers to move in the power of the supernatural through the Holy Spirit

Now because this webpage is all about prayer and spiritual warfare then the power of the Holy Spirit is the very source of the victory that we must walk in.

Many say we  should be walking in the authority of thr Scriptures alone, but the very power of the Word is the Holy Spirit, it is by that same Holy Spirit that the Scriptures exist, for they were God breathed into those who wrote them.
So the Scriptures are supernatural in origen.

We need to read those Scriptures in such a way that the message becomes alive in us, for God to breath into us His Word.

They really moved in the supernatural in 1905 to 1915 at Asusa Street you can find all about it here
Children were deeply involved in praying for the sick and people had limbs and other parts grow back in the meetings.

So what is this webpage doing on a Hidden Truth Music site?

Well it is here with other similar type pages as they contain Hidden Truth that is Music to our ears and hearts.

These pages in a way lie hidden to be discovered as they are hidden in the menus.

Also there is a page about God TV that can take you to more supernatural events and videos.

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