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Enter Into Our World Organization

Enter Into Our World

Enter Into Our World is an amazing place to meet people that want to change the community and the world to enjoy the life we have.

Enter Into Our World a place of Music Memories and entertainment, with all of us sharing the same dreams and visions.

Enter Into Our World is not about fame and fortune, it is not what we can achieve on our own




We can attempt being


If we try

Golden Apple


Apples of Gold

golden apples

Golden Apples
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold ....
Proverbs 25: 11

We note with apples of gold in Proverbs that they are in settings of silver
Silver here is the price of our redemption from sin.



Enter into Our World a place of Music, Memories and entertainment, with all of us sharing 

the same dreams and visions.


Enter into Our World is not about fame and fortune, it is not about what we can achieve 
on our own, it is about working together as a community, building an orchestra, meeting our neighbours, out of state visitors, overseas visitors, and having a great weekend sharing each others vision, cultures, and Independent Artistry.


After being abroad touring the USA, being involved in many Showcases and music arts and crafts festivals, we met so many talented people within the towns, cities we visited at that time.


We found that many of the families that came along to these showcases and festivals, could not afford to go and see any Idols of the world performing as the tickets were so expensive.


Also, these families could not even go for a family holiday, due to loss of jobs, drought conditions, fires, tornadoes and many reasons.   This gave us all an opportunity to work with Claude Davis “Coal Miners Jamboree” which has become very successful in Stearns, Kentucky USA.

Corowa Shire is a prospering rural community centrally located on the Majestic Murray River in New South Wales between Sydney and Melbourne, within easy traveling distance to the rural cities of Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Wagga Wagga, Shepparton

And the Nations Capital, Canberra.


Located only 3 hours from Melbourne, 4 hours from Canberra and 6 hours from Sydney, with a great climate and vibrant atmosphere Corowa Shire is an ideal location for businesses, families and retirees to experience exceptional lifestyle and opportunity.


It is all about providing World Class Family Friendly entertainment to many families.

Working together to provide an environment that promotes family values and a community working together through these tough times.


A festival of independent Artistry, in Art, Music, Craft and creativity, of writing books, writing our own music, painting a picture, your very own creativity.


Assisting to bring another program into the community helping to provide tourism for the area.   Due to illness some of us are Able not disable, we are survivors not quitters, so we all can join in and help make the world a better place.


A place for a family gathering, a place where Children can perform and be the success of their town and have lots of fun.   Lets all begin to smile and not have a frown on our faces anymore.

Enter Into Our World

Now we are based in Corowa NSW Australia and anticipate building a future with the community here and surrounding towns and cities.

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